Tino Sehgal - Winner of 2004

Tino Sehgal designs situations. His works consist of instructions for actions that can be carried out by one or several people. The artist does not title his works, nor does he publish the instructions on which they are based. Instead he explores social processes, conventions and the allocation of roles, thus questioning the coordinates that define the system of "art": idea, visualisation, originality, producer, viewer, owner, market value, etc. The human voice, language, movement and interaction are the artistic materials with which Sehgal stakes out a radical position within the field of conceptual art. Divested of all objectivity and materiality, his ephemeral poetic interventions leave an enduring afterglow in our minds.

By request of the artist, there are no pictures available of his artworks.

In addition to the cash prize, Baloise acquires works by the award winners and donates them to two important European museums. Diese Beschäftigung of Tino Sehgal was presented to the collection of the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

Tino Sehgal, *1976, lives and works in Berlin, Germany