Different art works - embroidery

Jenni Tischer - Winner of 2013

  Crucial to the design of the three-dimensional works created by Jenni Tischer is the combination of material, colour, form and text. The artist incorporates references to modernism into the context of her own works, while undermining them at the same time. Her installations resemble stage sets, in which a wealth of objects seem to be telling stories, an impression contradicted by the fact that they preclude interpretation. Political concerns such as authorship, production and feminism resonate in Tischer‘s works, specifically in her choice of technique. She often exploits typically feminine activities like embroidery, sewing or weaving, which she transports into the context of art with great subtlety.

The installation consisting of new works especially produced for the museum was presented to mumok, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, in addition to the Baloise Art Prize 2013.


Portrait of the Artist Jenni Tischer
Jenni Tischer, *1979, lives and works in Berlin, Germany