Artwork: A young boy in closeup looking at the camera

Beatrice Gibson - Winner of 2015

Beatrice Gibson has been awarded the prize for the experimental dimension of the narrative structure of her video, which combines many layers of meanings dealing with the complexity of cultural and social clashes. The film production involved the collaboration with pupils from a local progressive educational organisation during a four-day experimental music workshop organised by the artist with the composer Anton Lukoszevieze. She has taken the risk of developing an open creative process based on five historical performances by, among others, Fluxus artist George Maciunas. Through an unconventional way of approaching the film production process, she confronts the inequality in a contemporary metropolis such as London as a consequence of the economic crisis. The apparent anarchy of the cinematic construction reflects the turbulences of our contemporary society.

Portrait of the Artist Beatrice Gibson
Beatrice Gibson, *1978, lives and works in London, United Kingdom